The Beijing 2022 Olympics

Despite the COVID-10 and Omicron pandemic, Beijing is currently hosting the Beijing 2022 Olympics and lots of athletes are participating.

The main games that they will participate in are Snowboard, Cross-Country skiing(Male and Female), Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Biathlon and Luge. There are 91 countries participating.

Currently, China is in the lead with 3 Gold medals, 2 silvers and 0 bronze. Sweden is next with 3 Gold medals, 0 silver and 1 bronze. The Russian Olympic Commitee follows with 2 Gold medals, 3 silver and 3 bronze. And lastly, Austria follows with 2 Gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze. South Korea has none of each.

After watching Chinese judges calculate the scores, a lot of people have accused China of cheating and biased judging. Why is that? It’s because despite coming in first and second in short tracking competition, Korean National athletes Hwang-Dae-Hun and Lee-Jun-Soo have been penaltied for illegal late passing and lane changing and therefore, have been disqualified.

Even besides Korea, a lot of nations are protesting the government’s human rights violation.

There are also problems due to the Omicron pandemic. Although the virus is still at large, China have not postponed the Winter Olympics in Beijing, 2022. Nations have not sent officials, but they have sent athletes to compete, and there are a lot of complaints that there shouldn’t be an event like the Olympics when the virus is still spreading.

Let’s wait to see what happens and how China would react to the comments, and protests

Quizzz(Dilemma, Quizzes, Riddles)

First, the infinite building. Let’s say there was a hotel, with an infinite number of rooms, and an infinite number of people staying there. A person wants to go in. What would you do?

Next, an infinite bus with an infinite amount of people wants to rent rooms from the hotel. What would you do?

-From TED-ED “The Infinite Hotel-

Secondly, easy riddles.

You measure my life in hours and I serve you by expiring. I’m quick when I’m thin and slow when I’m fat. The wind is my enemy. 

I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I? 

What is able to go up a chimney when down but unable to go down a chimney when up?

One of these words does not belong: Which is it and why? Brawl, Carrot, Change, Clover, Proper, Sacred, Stone, Seventy, Swing, Travel.

I’m everywhere and a part of everyone. I am at the end of space and time and existence itself. What am I?

Are Smartphones Beneficial for children

Nowadays, even children buy smartphones. But are they beneficial?

First, smartphones are beneficial to children because if something urgent happens to the child, they can call their guardians right away. They can also communicate with their friends or close relatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they cannot meet often. Furthermore, they can research things on the internet for educational purposes. Lastly, they can be entertained. There are a lot of entertaining apps on smartphones such as YouTube, mobile games, and OTT services.

On the other hand, smartphones are not beneficial for children because they might get stimulated by violent apps or too showy apps. For example, an 11 year old kid might watch a violent game’s review and might get stimulated. When you are young, your cells matter. Even if only one or 2 of your cells are stimulated or damaged, your future could be affected. Of course, when you get older, it doesn’t matter anymore because you are fully grown. Furthermore, when you watch smartphones, your direct communication between your family and yourself begins to fade away, and your family might even live with your phones all day! Lastly, if you get addicted, dangerous things might happen. You might get hurt, or worse- you might even hurt someone else.

Do you think you are keeping a nice average phone-record? If you are, then great! If you aren’t…Well, you might consider balancing it with some books or outdoor playing.

Valentine’s Day

Do you know Valentine’s Day? Some of you may think it is disgusting, and might want to never experience it for the rest of your lives. But for some people, it is a meaningful day.

Valentine’s Day is in Febuary 14th. It is considered the day of love. On Valentine’s Day, females give males gifts. Have you ever given chocolates to somebody you love?

Do you know why Valentine’s Day is called Valentine’s Day? The first Valentine’s Day was in Year 496! Probably way before you were even born! It is originated from a Roman Festival. Valentine’s Day is called Valentine’s Day because of Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who liven in Rome in the 3rd century.

On Valentine’s Day, why do people give each other chocolate? It is said that chocolate contains substances that inflames desire and make the beloved one more open to romance. Also, chocolate was considered aphrodisiac food since the time of Aztecs.

Have you experienced Valentine’s Day? If not, why don’t you try it with your family? It will be a great experience.


Do you like soccer? There are millions of people in the world who like watching games. Today I will be telling you all about soccer.

First, soccer is a game where the offense kicks a ball, and the goalkeeper, the defense blocks the ball from getting into a goal. The more times you shoot a ball into the goal, the more points you get, and if you get more points than the other team, you win. A team is made up of 11 players, one a goalkeeper, defense and the rest offense.

Second, I will tell you about the most well-known soccer players. Of Brazil, Garrincha. He was the first to make a big penalty, so whenever other players do that, they call them the Garrincha Club. So far, there has only been three people, including Garrincha. Of South Korea, the most representative soccer player is Sohn-Hung-Min.

Thirdly, I wil tell you the origins about soccer. Modern soccer was created by Johan Cruyff. But people say the real origin was football. Modern soccer began is England in 1863. Now it is spread worldwide.

Are you a fan of soccer? Today I told you about soccer, one of the most known sports.

Should Zoos be Banned?

Do you think zoos should be banned? Some do, while others don’t. There are many pros and cons to this topic. Today I will be telling you the pros and cons of zoos.

First, I will tell you about the pros.
1. Students can go to zoos for educational purposes.

2. Zoos are the only way you can see wild animals up close.

3. Wild animals are safer in zoos, away from predators or poisonous substances.

4. Animals are well cared for in zoos, with a safe habitat, food, water and a place to play.

5. In zoos, there are animal health care systems. If animals are hurt, they can be looked after.

6. They are protected from poachers.

Now I will tell you the cons of zoos.

  1. Wild animals can become used to their surroundings and if they are released back into the wild, it will be hard for them to survive.
  2. Animals are stuck in cages. They do not have large space to roam around and hunt.
  3. People stare, point and sometimes take photos of them. They feel depressed.
  4. Some people go into their cage, or throw things at them. They might get hurt.
  5. Cruel zookeepers hurt them or sell them to other people.
  6. Zoos alter the animals behavior.

There are a lot of pros and cons of zoos, and today I told you six of each. Do you think zoos should be banned? Why?

New Years

There is just a few weeks ’till the New Year! New Year is meaningful to all people in many different ways. Today I will be telling you about how the New Year is important to different people.

New Year is the first day of the year, which is January 1st.

In the Asian countries, such as China, there is the Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is particularly celebrated in East Asia. Lunar New Year is the start of the month, based on the lunar calendar. On Lunar New Year, people hang Chinese lanterns, sing and dance. It is a tradition descending from our ancestors.

In South Korea, we celebrate by eating ddukguk. ddukguk is a type of soup where you put mandu, dumplings and ricecakes. Korean Traditions say you need to eat the amount of rice cakes same to your age. This year, 2022, the Korean new year will be February 1st.

In America, there is a well-known tradition where you drop a huge ball? It is called the Times Square Ball Drop. The Times Square Ball Drop is a ginormous ball and you drop it in Times Square.

We celebrate New Years in different ways, but it is still a meaningful day for us. How are you going to celebrate New Year?

Is YouTube safe for children?

Currently, there are a lot of activities on YouTube. But not all of them are adults(over age). Children post videos on YouTube too. For example, my friend Lily Jung posts videos on YouTube about slime and ingot. My other friend called Joowon also posts about game reviews. Like my friends, there are a lot of children posting on YouTube. Some children don’t post, just watch. But is YouTube really safe for children?

YouTube is a type of SNS, where users post videos. There are a lot of videos, such as game reviews, movie reviews, informational channels, and educational channels. There are videos that are helpful, but there are also videos that stimulate your mind.

First, I will tell you about the helpful videos. In YouTube, there are many videos that children can watch, like educational history channels or educational programs. There isn’t even a problem if children don’t watch game videos constantly. Most children post safe videos like slime videos or daily life channels. Most adults do to.

But there isn’t just helpful videos on YouTube. There are also violent videos that stimulate your brain. In some videos, people say bad words. If you see this video, you might say it in real life. Also, ther are violent movie reviews. Recently, there was a big hit drama movie called Squid Game. This is a very violent drama where they kill hundreds of people, so there is a age line of 19 years old. But on YouTube, some children tend to watch this movie review and get stimulated.

YouTube can be both safe and dangerous for children, but if you just use the app in the right way, you can use it with your parents permission!

Analyze your personality with your Handwriting!!!

When you analyze your personality, you can use a variety of websites, such as MBTI, your handwriting, etc. Today I will be explaining to you about how to analyze your personality with your ‘Handwriting’. By the way, not every website about these topics are true- some can be made up.

A link to a website that I got inspiration from:

Almost all people have different handwriting. So experts create ways to anaylze your personality with it. There is a science behind analyzing handwriting for personality traits and this is called ‘Graphology’.

For example, if you write with Large Letters you want to feel noticed and understood. You are also people-orientated. But if you write with small letters, you have strong focus and you’re introverted.

If you write with connected letters, you are talented and intuitive. If you don’t and your letters aren’t connected, you are logical, methodical, and makes decisions carefully.

Although these analyzations may be wrong, they are worth trying out!

-Chelsey Ashlynn Heather-

The Happiest Country in The World

Do you know the happiest country in the world? Finland has been the happiest country for four years- and for 2021. Even with this COVID-19 pandemic, how is Finland so happy?

Finland is a country in Europe and covers approximately 338,440 km². It is next to Sweden.

According to , Finland is a country with a low crime level. It also has a universal health care system. With this, Finland residents can’t help but feel relaxed, safe and content. They can also trust each other and can make big promises.

Finland is also one of the best places in the world to look at beautiful, charming landscapes. It is stated that there are ‘masses of pristine forest and an abundance of crystal-clear lakes’. Even if residents are unhappy because of the day, they can chill out watching the beautiful nature.

These were the reasons why adults or aged people would be happy, but a country doesn’t have only adults. There are kids too. And most kids, when they are young, aren’t interested in beautiful landscapes and crimes. They would care about toys, less homework, no tests and most importantly of all, not being scolded by their mothers.

Finland’s schools are rated ‘superb’. Their education system is one of the fairest in Europe and produces some of the best results and leads to more opportunities. Students can be proud of their accomplishments and work harder for next year. They won’t get scolded by their parents too.

Finland was ranked the happiest country for four years in a row. I do hope other countries can use these methods to be happier and make the world wonderful.

-White Snow Tiger-