When you analyze your personality, you can use a variety of websites, such as MBTI, your handwriting, etc. Today I will be explaining to you about how to analyze your personality with your ‘Handwriting’. By the way, not every website about these topics are true- some can be made up.

A link to a website that I got inspiration from:


Almost all people have different handwriting. So experts create ways to anaylze your personality with it. There is a science behind analyzing handwriting for personality traits and this is called ‘Graphology’.

For example, if you write with Large Letters you want to feel noticed and understood. You are also people-orientated. But if you write with small letters, you have strong focus and you’re introverted.

If you write with connected letters, you are talented and intuitive. If you don’t and your letters aren’t connected, you are logical, methodical, and makes decisions carefully.

Although these analyzations may be wrong, they are worth trying out!

-Chelsey Ashlynn Heather-