Despite the COVID-10 and Omicron pandemic, Beijing is currently hosting the Beijing 2022 Olympics and lots of athletes are participating.

The main games that they will participate in are Snowboard, Cross-Country skiing(Male and Female), Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Biathlon and Luge. There are 91 countries participating.

Currently, China is in the lead with 3 Gold medals, 2 silvers and 0 bronze. Sweden is next with 3 Gold medals, 0 silver and 1 bronze. The Russian Olympic Commitee follows with 2 Gold medals, 3 silver and 3 bronze. And lastly, Austria follows with 2 Gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze. South Korea has none of each.

After watching Chinese judges calculate the scores, a lot of people have accused China of cheating and biased judging. Why is that? It’s because despite coming in first and second in short tracking competition, Korean National athletes Hwang-Dae-Hun and Lee-Jun-Soo have been penaltied for illegal late passing and lane changing and therefore, have been disqualified.

Even besides Korea, a lot of nations are protesting the government’s human rights violation.

There are also problems due to the Omicron pandemic. Although the virus is still at large, China have not postponed the Winter Olympics in Beijing, 2022. Nations have not sent officials, but they have sent athletes to compete, and there are a lot of complaints that there shouldn’t be an event like the Olympics when the virus is still spreading.

Let’s wait to see what happens and how China would react to the comments, and protests