Nowadays, even children buy smartphones. But are they beneficial?

First, smartphones are beneficial to children because if something urgent happens to the child, they can call their guardians right away. They can also communicate with their friends or close relatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, when they cannot meet often. Furthermore, they can research things on the internet for educational purposes. Lastly, they can be entertained. There are a lot of entertaining apps on smartphones such as YouTube, mobile games, and OTT services.

On the other hand, smartphones are not beneficial for children because they might get stimulated by violent apps or too showy apps. For example, an 11 year old kid might watch a violent game’s review and might get stimulated. When you are young, your cells matter. Even if only one or 2 of your cells are stimulated or damaged, your future could be affected. Of course, when you get older, it doesn’t matter anymore because you are fully grown. Furthermore, when you watch smartphones, your direct communication between your family and yourself begins to fade away, and your family might even live with your phones all day! Lastly, if you get addicted, dangerous things might happen. You might get hurt, or worse- you might even hurt someone else.

Do you think you are keeping a nice average phone-record? If you are, then great! If you aren’t…Well, you might consider balancing it with some books or outdoor playing.