Do you know the happiest country in the world? Finland has been the happiest country for four years- and for 2021. Even with this COVID-19 pandemic, how is Finland so happy?

Finland is a country in Europe and covers approximately 338,440 km². It is next to Sweden.

According to , Finland is a country with a low crime level. It also has a universal health care system. With this, Finland residents can’t help but feel relaxed, safe and content. They can also trust each other and can make big promises.

Finland is also one of the best places in the world to look at beautiful, charming landscapes. It is stated that there are ‘masses of pristine forest and an abundance of crystal-clear lakes’. Even if residents are unhappy because of the day, they can chill out watching the beautiful nature.

These were the reasons why adults or aged people would be happy, but a country doesn’t have only adults. There are kids too. And most kids, when they are young, aren’t interested in beautiful landscapes and crimes. They would care about toys, less homework, no tests and most importantly of all, not being scolded by their mothers.

Finland’s schools are rated ‘superb’. Their education system is one of the fairest in Europe and produces some of the best results and leads to more opportunities. Students can be proud of their accomplishments and work harder for next year. They won’t get scolded by their parents too.

Finland was ranked the happiest country for four years in a row. I do hope other countries can use these methods to be happier and make the world wonderful.

-White Snow Tiger-