Do you think zoos should be banned? Some do, while others don’t. There are many pros and cons to this topic. Today I will be telling you the pros and cons of zoos.

First, I will tell you about the pros.
1. Students can go to zoos for educational purposes.

2. Zoos are the only way you can see wild animals up close.

3. Wild animals are safer in zoos, away from predators or poisonous substances.

4. Animals are well cared for in zoos, with a safe habitat, food, water and a place to play.

5. In zoos, there are animal health care systems. If animals are hurt, they can be looked after.

6. They are protected from poachers.

Now I will tell you the cons of zoos.

  1. Wild animals can become used to their surroundings and if they are released back into the wild, it will be hard for them to survive.
  2. Animals are stuck in cages. They do not have large space to roam around and hunt.
  3. People stare, point and sometimes take photos of them. They feel depressed.
  4. Some people go into their cage, or throw things at them. They might get hurt.
  5. Cruel zookeepers hurt them or sell them to other people.
  6. Zoos alter the animals behavior.

There are a lot of pros and cons of zoos, and today I told you six of each. Do you think zoos should be banned? Why?