Currently, there are a lot of activities on YouTube. But not all of them are adults(over age). Children post videos on YouTube too. For example, my friend Lily Jung posts videos on YouTube about slime and ingot. My other friend called Joowon also posts about game reviews. Like my friends, there are a lot of children posting on YouTube. Some children don’t post, just watch. But is YouTube really safe for children?

YouTube is a type of SNS, where users post videos. There are a lot of videos, such as game reviews, movie reviews, informational channels, and educational channels. There are videos that are helpful, but there are also videos that stimulate your mind.

First, I will tell you about the helpful videos. In YouTube, there are many videos that children can watch, like educational history channels or educational programs. There isn’t even a problem if children don’t watch game videos constantly. Most children post safe videos like slime videos or daily life channels. Most adults do to.

But there isn’t just helpful videos on YouTube. There are also violent videos that stimulate your brain. In some videos, people say bad words. If you see this video, you might say it in real life. Also, ther are violent movie reviews. Recently, there was a big hit drama movie called Squid Game. This is a very violent drama where they kill hundreds of people, so there is a age line of 19 years old. But on YouTube, some children tend to watch this movie review and get stimulated.

YouTube can be both safe and dangerous for children, but if you just use the app in the right way, you can use it with your parents permission!