There is just a few weeks ’till the New Year! New Year is meaningful to all people in many different ways. Today I will be telling you about how the New Year is important to different people.

New Year is the first day of the year, which is January 1st.

In the Asian countries, such as China, there is the Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is particularly celebrated in East Asia. Lunar New Year is the start of the month, based on the lunar calendar. On Lunar New Year, people hang Chinese lanterns, sing and dance. It is a tradition descending from our ancestors.

In South Korea, we celebrate by eating ddukguk. ddukguk is a type of soup where you put mandu, dumplings and ricecakes. Korean Traditions say you need to eat the amount of rice cakes same to your age. This year, 2022, the Korean new year will be February 1st.

In America, there is a well-known tradition where you drop a huge ball? It is called the Times Square Ball Drop. The Times Square Ball Drop is a ginormous ball and you drop it in Times Square.

We celebrate New Years in different ways, but it is still a meaningful day for us. How are you going to celebrate New Year?