Hello to everyone who is reading this article! Today I am going to discuss about the book “Frindle”. If you clicked on this article, you’ve probably read it already. But if you didn’t? Go read the book! This is actually a book ‘talk’ and I’m going to talk about my opinions and thoughts about the book. So if you didn’t read it yet, you’ll probably be very confused.

Frindle is a story about a boy called Nick invents a new word called frindle. It’s actually a new name for a pen. However, this word spreads quickly and Nick gets in hot water with his teacher Ms. Granger.

Now that I have sort of explained about the book, I’ll talk about my thoughts! This was a very creative book, just like Andrew Clement’s other stories. It contained both humor and realism, which is not a easy thing to accomplish as an author. I loved reading about the battle that happened between them and Ms. Granger’s personality. (She’s strict, but in a soft way.) You couldn’t not like this book.

I laughed so much during the whole book and I couldn’t put in down. I’ve read this one over and over and even listened to audio books of it. Seriously, go try it out! It’ll amaze you.

Nick’s idea of inventing a new word may sound silly to some but it isn’t to others. Many students actually joined him and even got punished but they didn’t give up. Ms. Granger’s terrifying punishment sounded TERRIFYING. But, again very realistic.

The ending was perfect too. I’m going to spoil it, so if you still haven’t read it, stop reading. (I warned you!) It got into the dictionary. Amazing! Fabulous! Marvelous! Terrific! Hooray!! I was very glad and satisfied when I closed the book after finishing it.

Well, here ends my book talk of October. What were your thoughts about the book? Have you read it? If not, are you going to try out? Think of the answers and see you at the next article!