Have you ever heard of MBTI? It stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Ok, ok I know that I just included some “Do you expect me to know this?” words so I’ll say it in human language. It is a psychological test designed to be applied to real life by finding individual preferences when recognizing and judging through self-report questions that individuals can easily respond to, and how these preferences affect human behavior. Easier, right? 16 results are possible. But it’s not the time yet to discuss about that. The results consist of either E or I, S or N, T or F, and P or J. Sounds confusing? Well, here’s an example. ESTJ. Easier? I hope so. Now let’s move on to the first letter. E or I!

The first letter of a MBTI result is either E or I. Es are the extroverts, typically described as outgoing, fun-loving, friendly, and talkative. Is are the introverts, typically described as quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individuals. Here’s an example. A is an E and B is an I. A typically likes hanging out with friends and likes to lead conversations. B typically enjoys giving reactions while listening to conversations and listening to Es talk and laugh sometimes. There’s no right answer for which is better as both are marvelous. (I am a talkative I.)

The second letter is… S or N! S is for sensing, and are typically described as organized, meticulous, and thorough. N is for intuition and are typically described as creative, free, and futuristic. This might sound confusing to some, so I’ll give you an example! Mr. Strangedude is a S while Miss Applepie is a N. They are both in the airport, waiting for their plane. Mr. Strangedude doesn’t worry about the future, so he is calm. But Miss Applepie? She is worrying about things that will probably never happen like “What if the plane crashes? Will I die? What if we crash into a sea of sharks! Sharks with pointy, dangerous teeth!” You get what I mean? Both types are great people! (I am a N.)

The third letter is T or F! T stands for thinkers and are typically described as honest, objective, and logical! F stands for feeling and are typically described as sensitive, cooperative, and thoughtful. Here’s another example. Marker is a T, and Crayon is a F! They are both friends with Pencil. Marker and Crayon both broke their legs at the same time and Pencil asked both of them, “Soo, how much did it cost to, well you know do the treatment?”. Marker would start wondering, “Hey, how much did it really cost? Must have been a small fortune!” While Crayon would be upset that Pencil didn’t ask if she was okay first. Ts are great to talk with if you have a serious problem and want a clear, simple answer. Fs are great to talk with if you have a serious problem and want some comfort. (I am a F)

It’s time for the last letter, J or P! This one, is easier than the others. J stands for judging and are typically described as intentional, productive and a planner. P stands for perceiving and typically described as carefree, improvised, and flexible. Here’s my last example, January is a P and December is a P. They decided to go on a trip together. A week before the trip, December is packing her suitcase and looking for hotels. January is watching TV and eating Doritos. The day before the trip, December calls January to ask her if she has packed her bags yet. She hasn’t and finally does it at the last second. Whether you like planned things or carefree things, both Js and Ps are exiting to be around. (I am a J!)

I’ve explained about the 8 letters of MBTI and if you combine and mix them, you can get a total of 16 results. ISTJ, ISFJ, INFJ, INTJ, ISTP, ISFP, INFP, INTP, ESTP, ESFP, ENFP, ENTP, ESTJ, ESFJ, ENTJ and ENFJ. But something you must, must know is that the test you take on the internet is not the REAL one. You need to pay money for the real MBTI test. And don’t take your result too seriously. Remember, this is only for harmless fun.