Recently, our world has started being in an anxious situation. With Russia attacking Ukraine and China trying to support Russia, many are worried abour a third World War. Today, I would like to share my findings about the situation, which people of the world are worrying about.

Xi Jinping and Putin’s meeting on March 15th 2022, at which Putin requested military reinforcements and economic support to Xi Jinping, where all requests were accepted except military reinforcement.

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Like the image above portrays, China and Russia are having a very close relationship, with the two countries in the Sino-Russian bloc both support each other in various issues. Plus, with Russia trying to regain the power of the old Soviet Union and trying to conquer Belarus, Ukraine, etc, Russia is surely a threat to most Eastern European countries. China as well is trying to conquer regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, making these territories completely a part of their country, ignoring the regulations they had before gaining HK from the UK. With North Korea also supporting the two as a communist nation, it is a recognizable threat for the US and many European and Northeast Asian countries (Japan & Korea, etc). Due to the recent war in Ukraine, many are worried that China, which is a big ally of Russia, could attack Taiwan. Well, this could be possible since, thus Taiwan has quasi-diplomatic relations with the US.Meanwhile, China is trying to conquer Taiwan and going forward, is expanding their Northeast project from Mongolia and Tibet into Korea and other countries, keeping with China’s “One China, One Family” policy. Some individuals say that this could lead to a third world war, and indeed this seems slightly possible if we see what is going on. China, North Korea, and Iran are supporting the acts of what Russia is doing: war. China’s support of the Russians has surprised NATO members. Also, with North Korea highly giving strong support to Russia, and the Iranian president geatly offending the US, it seems like either one of them could start a war after Russia’s action in Ukraine.

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 Thus, many civilians around the world want economic sanctions on Russia to be enacted, but these are also a threat to many Western European nations. Even though many Eastern European countries, such asPoland, Lithuania, and Latvia, want stronger economic sanctions to be enacted, for first world European nations, this is a big blow when done long-term. Most Western European countries use Russian gas and Germany and France use approximately 30% of all Russian gas flowing through Russia’s complex gas pipeline system. These gas pipelines power many buildings in Western Europe and when gas is blocked as a part of economic sanctions, this surely will be a major burden. As shown in figure 2 above, Western European countries rely heavily on Russian gas and have fewalternatives. For instance, American shale oil is in limited supply, since the US produces 11,000,000 barrels of oil daily, but uses most of that domestically,  making the supply of American oil in the global market limited.. It is obvious that Russia and Western nations are truly interdependent, in terms of the world’s need for oil, and Russia’s need for the revenue it generates.

With the start of thesudden war on Ukraine, tension is higher than ever around the world between the US and it’s allies vs Russia and it’s supporters. This kind of tension had led many people around the world to start worrying about what might happen now. It is impossible to learn what will happen next, but I hope we will see peace in the near future, given today’s uncertain times.