What animal do you think of when someone mentions ‘desert’?

Normally, you would answer Coyote, Bald agle, the desert fox, and lizards.

The Short-horned lizard isn’t really very well known, but once you get to know about it, it’s hard to forget. But, before we get to the interesting part, let’s get down with the basics.

The Short-horned lizard lives in the desert. No big deal. In the morning and evening, when it’s less hot, it usually hunts for ants, which is it’s diet. In the hot day, they hide under cactuses to avoid the blazing sun. Sadly, they’re the new trend for pets, they say, so many are being captured illegally and smuggled to different countries.

So far, this lizard doesn’t seem very interesting. It’s just seems like the normal lizard, doesn’t it? Eats ants. So? Captured a lot. Aw, sad, but lots of animals are captures these days. You’ll probably getting a little annoyed with me and is screaming, SO WHAT IS INTERESTING?!

Whoa whoa whoa, wait for the dramatic part!

Well, here goes: drumroll please :

The short-horned lizard can shoot blood from it’s eyes.


It seems like a gross prank, but it’s the fatal weapon for the lizard. This blood-shooting is only available once in a lifetime, because it uses up one third of all the lizard’s blood. They only use it when they are in mortal danger.

Here’s some videos that might help you understand :

It’s a bit creepy to see, isn’t it? Like those horror movies sort of thing?


Well, these lizards does it to live, so……. I hope you can understand the grossness of this.

Animals of all kind do all kinds of things to protect themselves. Change colors. Bury itself. Fart.

The short-horned lizard is just one of them, trying to live.

I respect these animals. They are so much tougher then any human I know.