Hello everyone! IT’S TIME FOR KOREAN HISTORY AGAIN! I skipped Jeongjong(2nd King of Joseon Dynasty) because he did nothing and just spent two years as a king. I will tell you about Taejong, 3rd king of Joseon. His name was Bang one Lee.

Taejong helped Taejo to become the king and built Joseon dayasty. However, he killed Mong Ju Jeong, who was a politician of Corea dynasty. Taejo was cross because he wanted Mong Ju to join his new dynasty but it helped Taejo to become the king anyway.

Taejong also killed his brothers. He wanted to be the next king, so he was very upset when his farther announced his youngest brother as a crown prince. So he killed two younger brothers named Bang seok(crown prince) and Bang bun. In addition, he killed one of his elder brothers called Bang gan because Bang gan didn’t support him to be a king.

Taejong was a killer and his killing never ended after being a king. He wanted to be a king with absolute power. He killed people who didn’t agree with and support him. Like I said, he is a killer!!

However, Taejong helped Sejong (His son and 4th King of Joseon dynasty) by series of killing potential political blockers. With strong support from his government, Sejong could be one of the best kings ever in Korea history. Even though Taejong killed tons of people, he contributed building foundation of Joseon dynasty and with this foundation, King Sejong shined with Hangul (Korean Alphabet) invention.

Will see you in next journal to learn about King Sejong!!