Hello everyone! I AM BACK WITH A STORY ABOUT KING SEJONG, one of greatest kings in Korean history. He is a son of King Taejong, a killer (hope you remember him!) but he was very different from his father. King Sejong’s name was Do Lee and was called as Chungnyung-Daegun until he became a king.

There were three brothers for King Sejong and he was third boy. His oldest brother called Yangnyung Daegun used to be a crown prince but he didn’t like studying and preparing to become a king. Killer Taejong was very angry and disappointed and finally he kicked Yangnyung out and changed crown prince. King Sejong’s second oldest brother called Hyoryung Daegun who had very sensitive mind so didn’t want to be a king. Finally Chungnyung Daegun was confirmed as a crown prince and became a king.

When King Sejong became a king, he firstly published many books with Jibhyeonjeon scholars. Jibhyeonjeon was a royal research institute where scholars studied science, agriculture, astronomy and many more. They wrote a book on farming to help people to harvest more crops.

He also worked with many engineers to invent new tools and clocks. In addition, he worked with scholars to frame Korean traditional music. More importantly, he ordered the army to expand land of Joseon dynasty. Youngsil Jang was very famous engineer so King Sejong worked with him to develop sundial , water clock, and many other new inventions. Yeon Park developed Korean traditional music instruments and recorded music on music scores so that many people could play. King Sejong sent general Jongmu Lee to suppress Japanese pirates so that they could never attack south east part of Korea. He also sent general Jongseo Kim and Yoonduk Choi to push Barbarians away toward north.

The most important invention and contribution King Sejong made to Korean history was that he created Hangul with Jibhyeonjeon scholars. Hunminjeongeum was a name when he invented Hangul. I really appreciate King Sejong for his creative and great invention.

King Sejong has many funny facts. Did you know King Sejong was very fat because he ate a lot of meat for every meal and never worked out? He never started his meal without meat! He also used so many slangs when he was very angry so many of his government officers were very embarrassed. He was one of top three kings who used so many slangs in Korea history!!

I will end up my journal with this question. DO YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE THE NEXT KING AFTER KING SEJONG? (I know the answer!!)