( This isn’t a picture of an Islamic Empire) -GOOGLE-

The Islamic Empire invented lots of things. They invented a lot of stuff that are related in math. Rigel, algorithm, algebra are the things that the Islamic empire made that is related in math. (However only 2 muslam got the nobel prize while the jews got a lot) The Islamic Empire also invented coffe. Almost everyone enjoys drinking coffe, and the Islams made it!


When I looked at google, it said things about the islamic empire made a lot of cities and made a lot of things that have a relatation to learning. I think that we can see that the islamic empire, made a lot of cities to build a more powerful empire. Also I think that the islamic empire made a lot of things that are related in learning to let the younger people to learn more and more. (That can make a more bigger-minded young-ones.)

And I think that’s all. Thank you for reading!

-Sophie Elizabeth Vacker