2022 Russian Invasion on Ukraine

Edward Lee


 After the 2022 Beijing Olympics, an unexpected war broke out in Ukraine. This invasion on Ukraine was a big blow to the US and its allies, as well as to the Ukranian people. Today, I’d like to share the situation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian marine who threw himself with explosives attached to blow a bridge

The invasion of Ukraine happened as Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky tried to get his country admitted to NATO. Already, most countries who had gained independence from the former Soviet Union (except for Belarus and Ukraine) were members of NATO. Putin, who didn’t want a member of the Western bloc right next to his border, started the invasion. During the  invasion, itfirst seemed like Russia would easily defeat the Ukrainians. However, the Ukrainians had gave fierceresistance to the Russians; some would even block tanks with their own bodies, others would resist like the forces who were eliminated in Jimini island. One soldier even threw his body on a bridge, with explosives attatched, killing many Russian soldiers and also daminging the bridge, makin it imposssible for the Russians to cross the bridge and attack. Plus, with Zelensky saying he’d fight against Russia and would never flee, it boosted the morale of Ukrainian militias and armies. This also had a 91% boost on Ukrainian civilian morale. Many celebrities, like Vitali Klischko, mayor of Kiev and boxer, and his little brother, also a boxer, went to war. Also many weapons were tested during the war. For instance, the Javelin is inflicting huge blows on the Russians, destroying many tanks. The Javelin is similar to the RPG and at a price of only 100K $,is actually destroying 5000K $ tanks. Also, Ukrainians were able to successfully bombard Russian missile systyms with drones, which were far more cheap. This gave a huge shock to the Russians, and civilan facilities started being attacked. On the contrary, Putin said he wouldn’t attack civilians at all. This led to a massive invasion on Ukraine and Kharkiv soon fell into the enemy’s hands. Sooner the Ukrainians reclaimed Kharkiv and the shocked Russians started huge bombardment on the beleagured city. Also, the situation on the Russian forces were bad. Rasputitsa, a Ukrainian season where the land is muddy and sticky began as winter ended. This muddy season (called Rasputitsa or “General mud”)gave big blows to the Nazis, and hundreds of German Panthers were either stuck in the mud or rendered inoperable. This also started happening to the Russians. Some Ukrainians would use tractors to steal Russian military vehicles that were being repaired or swere stuck. However, few of the stolen vehicles were missile launchers. Thus, while the Russians killed thousands and have already taken over a few regions in Kiev, it seems like the Russians are having a hard time. Not only does Rasputitsa block the Russians but also the Ukrainians have started guerrilla warfare. Recently, also ,a Russian top general was assasinated by a Ukrainian sniper. Named Andrei Sukhovetsky, he died while having a speech to the soldiers by a Ukrainian sniper.   Besides, many Russian soldiers also are dying at the hands of  Ukrainian sniper. Also as many foreigners started fighting against the Russian forces, and some even proffesional snipers, the Russians are having huge damage, with 4 high ranking generals being assasinated by Ukranian snipers

Saint Javelin

 Again, while the Russians took over parts of Kiev and Kharkiv, it seems the Ukranians are able to inflict continuing damage to the enemy forces. With the Ukranians starting to use guerrila warfare, damage to the Russians are increasing as well. I hope the war ends and peace meets the Ukrainans as soon as possible.