We all know that Korea was freed because Japan lost in the second world war due to the use of weapons we have never dreamed of(cough, cough, nuclear bomb,).

But say, what’ll happen if Japan had won the war, though?

Today I’m going to talk about what would have happened if Japan had won the war. It’s horrifying just by the thought of it, but it’s more terrifying if the events that could have happened are summarized.

So, before we start, let’s make a short story in our heads of the second world war. If it’s going by the correct history , then USA would have dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan and Japan would have surrendered. But let’s say that Japan didn’t surrender. Instead, they made nuclear weapons too. They dropped three nuclear bombs on USA, on the cities New York, Washington DC, and California. USA’s reputation and pride got deeply scarred and USA immediately surrendered. USA gave a large plot of land to Japan and Japanize was forced into the school subjects, although the language wasn’t forced on the people. Japan became one of the most powerful countries in the world, and it’s population became larger then China’s.

Oh, and people didn’t even care about the wee little country that Japan had in complete control, since they were too busy worrying about themselves.

What was this wee little teeny country called, anyway?

It was called Korea, ladies and gentlemen. Korea.

Oh, and that just happens to be the name of our country.

Korea’s residents are suffering more then ever. They are being forced to build large factories on the land USA gave to Japan and work in them, and they have to serve the rich people that lives in Japan. They are whipped and treated like objects. Meals are rock-hard balls of rice, and it’s only served two times a day. When these poor people move through the streets, their clothes stained with filth and durt, the japanese look at them with disgust, call them ‘Untouchables’, ‘Animals’, ‘Slaves’, and kick them, laugh at them, and spit at them. Every step the Koreans take, they grow weaker, because they’re carrying mountains of coal and bricks on their backs.

One by one, people start to collapse.

Here’s a conversation of the ladies who washed the clothes of the Koreans :

“Oi, Sora.”

“What, Hana?”

“Did you hear that the man who worked on the train rail, Jiho, died?”

“No! Why?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He died out of exhaustion! And hunger! And sadness!”

“I wish one day we’ll get out of this treatment and get back our country.”

“Dream on. The only thing we can even hope for is a tiny raise in the payment…..”

“Which is actually getting paid.”

“We’ll never get our country back.”

Have you ever seen so much hopeless souls?

The treatment doesn’t get better, actually.

Japan, hungry for more land, sends an army to Russia to conquer their land, and many Korean souls, one 10, one 87, gets sent to the army. They die fighting. They die of illness. They die of depression.

Some even commit the worst thing one can ever commit to oneself.

Chaos. Disruption. Evil dwelling one every corner.

Not an ounce of hope.

Hope? What’s that? The Koreans say in their sleep.

Happiness? Never heard of it.

Joy? Doesn’t ring a bell.

It all sounds nice, though.

They say.

The wars rage on. People are injured but still fight. Many are killed.

Until no Korean blood is left.

All of them are dead.

Now you see what can happen if Japan won the second world war.

War. Chaos. Plague.

More grateful about the outcome of the war now?

You should be.

The outcome is what’s keeping us alive.