The 2022 Winter Olympics has opened in Beijing, China. However, some unjust actions were observed among the skaters and ski players. Today, I would like to talk about this deplorable behavior.

In the Winter Olympics short track, a Chinese player threw a rock at a Korean player who was winning the game, and therefore unfairly won the game, as the Korean player was injured and fell down after being hit. According to Chinese players even threw their bodies on Hungarian players (Lio Saorin Sandor etc.), letting the other Chinese players win. As per and the Chinese were found to be hitting and pushing any opposing players who were winning the game. However, they were not penalized and the judge gave the Chinese gold, silver, and bronze medals. This angered many countries, especially Korea and Hungary, who were the main victims of the attacks. This led to protests in Beijing and many people were angry about the situation. Soon Chinese player Lyun Zu Wei, who was responsible for most of the attacks on his opponents, pushed, and attacked other players. He the last remaining Chinese player in the short track that day, but he was finally eliminated from the game after many meetings with the Olympic judges and many other authorities.

On the other hand in skiing, more problems were being found. The snow was too rough and it was learned that in some parts of the slope, the players would keep falling down. Also, some were eliminated from the game for unreasonable causes, like clothing. Plus, many players are getting severely injured by the rough snow. According to Seoulfinancial and Moneytoday, approximately 40% of the players are falling down due to the rough snow on the slope. Not only does the rough snow pose a problem, but also the ski slope is situated alongside a nuclear power plant. This could be dangerous, since the snow might be easily contaminated by plant’s emissions, which some blame for the poor piste.

I believe that the pertinent authorities should take more interest in problems at this year’s Winter Olympics facilities. We should fix the problem immediately, before more get injured by unsafe facilities and violent players before there are more accidents.All in all I hope the next Winter Olympic will be safer. If Olympic committees and host country authorities could get a hand on issues like unsafe venues and out-of-control players, the games could be much safer.