Recently, many movies like Alive or Peninsula are getting famous and loved by many people. But why are these apocalyptic movies so loved? Today, I would like to share the reason for it and give some examples of movies connected with the reason I’ve mentioned.

Movie “Peninsula”

Movie ALIVE 2020

 These apocalyptic and quite violent movies are apprearing in the TOP 5 dramas and movies worldwide. Why do these movies get famous and loved? Well, with COVID-19 ongoing for 2 yrs, people started feeling like these apocalyptic issues might happen. Plus, the movie characters feel friendly as these characters have to survive throughout an apocalyptic or dangerous situation, like the real-life, COVID-19. One example might be ALIVE. ALIVE is a Korean movie with some people trying to survive throughout a zombie virus outbreak. The characters try to prevent being infected by the disease, which spreads when an infected person bites another, just as people catch COVID when others do now wear masks. Even the movie Peninsula which is simply “The Train to Busan 2,” is also a zombie movie making people feel this like the situation where humanity suffers from COVID and they are trying not to get infected.

Recent action & thriller drama, “The Silent Sea” 2021/12/24

Squid Game

The same thing happens to dramas. The recent drama Squid Game is about surviving throughout many games where there will eventually be only a few surviving until the end in order to get the approximately 38,385,131 US$ prize. Like this, if dramatized, we can see that we have to survive throughout this COVID situation. In another drama Hellbound, people have to survive from some weird creatures who some believe are people of heaven and which burn people randomly using weird powers derived from different dimensions. Eventually, people have to survive throughout this situation like we do with COVID. Even in a drama called “The Silent Sea,” people try to use a virus called wulsoo, that makes the victim produce an unbelievable amount of pure natural water, which the people need because water is in short supply, but then they die. Scientists are trying to infect fish with the disease, which would create the needed water but not die.

As COVID is getting worse, people feel friendliness with these movie characters in their apocalyptic situations, feeling that they are in a similar predicament. This makes many movies and dramas based on this theme popular throughout the world and much-loved. All in all, per the current situation, people really love these movies and drama productions, because they are truly distinct, especially in a world of COVID.