Hong Kong is one of the financial centers of Asia and is democratic, unlike mainland China uner the Communists.

Photo by Casey Batong Ng on Pexels.com

Despite the fact that it is the financial center, HK is getting forced to be a Communist city by the Chinese government. Thismade HongKongers  protest for democracy and capitalism and also their freedom.

The HK protest started in the 21st century, when the battle between the protestors and the Chinese police started. The Chinese police started using guns and police shields, while the HK protesters used umbrellas to shield themselves from the gunners who were trying to shoot them. Unfortunately, the Chinese started surveillance on protesters in order to put innocent protesters on trial. In order to prevent this, HK protesters started to spray paint on CCTVs which surveil them from day to night. Protesters also use laser pointers to distract cameras and police as another tool to stop surveillance. However, those tools were too weak to stand up tothe Chinese police. As a result,  the sacrifices of HK protesters increased quickly, and as soon as possible, many HK students joinedthe protest for the freedom of capitalism and democracy. Sooner or later, HK students were getting killed by the unjust acts of the Chinese police. Plus, even Chinese civilians started attacking unarmed HongKongers. That meant more HK protesters that fight bravely against the Chinese government are getting beaten up by police and Chinese civilians. However, what they have in order to resist is a few iron poles, masks, goggles, umbrellas, laser pointers, and other weapons made in their homes. Recently, it isn’t only the Chinese police and civilians that attack HK protesters. The Chinese military is getting prepared to attack the HK protesters. Without the permission of the HK government, the Chinese military started clearing the roads for the Chinese police, which gave fear to the HK protesters.

Eventually, the HK protest should keep going and HongKong should be an independent country. The sacrifices of the protesters should be known throughout the world. Despite any acts of the Chinese police or military,  HK protests should keep going until HK is free from Chinese control.