Have you ever thought or heard of game addiction happening due to the COVID situation? People are at home these days due to the COVID, and kids are having online classes with computers. Today, I will talk about game addiction caused by the COVID and the  reasons for it happening.

Game addiction is increasing among kids, as we can’t meet others and as for school, classes were held mostly online. As we couldn’t go outdoors, kids had to play at home, making games be played more widely among kids.[OR and they spent a lot of that time playing games.] This constant isolation makes kids, who already like games, get addicted to them, as there wasn’t much else for them to do. Also, there are even kids who play games designed for adults. For instance, my friend plays the game, “Rise of Kingdoms,” which is for Americans aged 10 years or more, while he is only 9 years old  (in his American age). Also, as schools closed due to the COVID, they have plenty of free time, and they often use it to play games. Kids who already played games before the COVID have a better chance of being addicted to games. This leads kids unable to concentrate on school work. Plus, kids can’t have social relationships, as they play games at school instead of playing with friends. Also, it becomes hard to keep having daily routines as usual. For example, you don’t have friends, you don’t do your homework and just play games except for eating and sleeping. As a result, their education is disrupted, which will be a big issue in their futures. Plus, as technology develops, USBs that make a computer go back to the main screen if something or someone is detected are being invented, which makes it even harder to find out if someone played a game, so game addiction happens without being known to parents and teachers.

Thus, it is apparent that during the lockdowns and school closures that arose from the Covid-19 crisis, young people often turned to mobile phone games as something to pass the time and challenge them, at least a little. With students using games so much, the chance them getting addicted to games, where they can’t stop even if they want, it increased.

In order to stop game addiction,one idea I have it to intall a program that make a computer or phone  turn off automatically when the user is playing games too much.It might be a great solution. Whatever can be done, it is important to stop  game addiction before our future prospects become darker.