There are twelve major gods and goddesses living on Mt. Olympus. However, today I’m going to tell you about only three of the twelve immortals.

First up is the god Zeus. He is the king of all gods and goddesses. Zeus was raised by a couple of nymphs and a fairy goat, away from his dangerous father. It had been arranged by his mother Rhea to protect him from his father when he was an infant. When he was finally an adult, Zeus rescued his brothers and sisters, as their  father had swallowed them. Together, they rose up against their father. They battled him and his allies, the Titans. Soon, their father surrendered and the Olympians rose to victory. Since he was the eldest, Zeus became the king of them all.


Zeus’s symbol is the lightning bolt. During the battle with the Titans, it had been forged by a group of giants, called the Cyclopes. He often used it to get rid of troublesome mortals. In addition, Zeus was fearless when facing his enemies. For instance, he didn’t surrender when fighting Typhon, a monster whose head reached the skies.

Second is the goddess Hera. She is the goddess of marriage and the queen of Olympus. Hera is also the wife of Zeus. She had refused Zeus’ proposal at first, so he morphed into a cuckoo during a storm. Hera held the distressed bird close, but all of sudden, she found herself hugging Zeus! So, Zeus finally won her over. However, Hera soon came to know that Zeus had other wives besides her. She became jealous and selfish towards them. I think that Zeus should have stopped cheating Hera and focused on just one wife. Even though Hera could have been nicer, other gods and goddesses didn’t have many wives at the same time such as the goddess Aphrodite and the god Hephaestus. So maybe Hera’s reaction is close to normal.

The third and final god is Hermes, the herald of the gods. He was born between Maia, a nymph, and Zeus. As an infant, he stole the god Apollo’s cows and used clever tricks to cover his tracks.  The cows that he stole were fifty in all. Hermes kept forty-eight of them and sacrificed two to the Olympian gods. Apollo was furious! However, Zeus wanted Apollo and Hermes to be friends, as they were brothers. It ended up with Hermes owning the cows. However, he had to give Apollo his lyre in exchange for them. Because he liked his wit, Zeus handed Hermes a cape and one pair of winged sandals. Then, he appointed him the herald of the gods.


Those are the three gods and goddesses that I chose. I selected them because their myths were the most exciting to read. Also, they looked the most important. Hera and Zeus are the rulers, Hermes is the herald and therefore travels between earth and Olympus. I thought I ought to choose the gods who stood out the most.