John Dolittle is a character in a book series of twelve. He’s a short, fat man with a kind face and a generous and jolly personality. He is somehow specially attached to his hat and he even shows that he is depressed without it, in book 2, the voyages of Doctor Dolittle. But the most special fact about this likable
man is that he can communicate with animals.
So how is this possible?
The Doctor owes this special gift to his parrot, Polynesia. She’s a talking parrot, of course, and a very smart one, too, and one day, she talks about animal
language, and the Doctor shows intrest.
After some lessons, the doctor learns the language of animals completely, and since his job is a vet, he masters his job, too. I mean, vets are supposed to
treat animals. But they never know exactly how the animal is sick.
But now, the Doctor could ask the animal how he or she was sick. Like treating a person.
Doctor Dolittle became a well-known vet, but that’s not all. He joined a circus and made a successful show. He went to africa and saved the monkey species.
Doctor Dolittle even went to the moon.
And every animal loved him.
Do you want to meet this likable man who could talk to animals?
I do.