Have you heard about terrors in the U.S related to gun control, orhave you seen people with guns when going to the U.S? Today, I will talk about gun control in the U.S, and its pros and cons.

The U.S is well known for allowing guns unlike most other countries. There is a movement to enact strict limitations on gun ownership, but the numbe of people disagree with having gun control are increasing. Then, why can’t ownershipget banned in the U.S. It is because of the NRA, the National Rifle Association, which is one of the most powerful political groups in the world and strongly agrees on gun ownership. It was formed in 1871 and is older than 12 of the U.S. states. The NRA strongly defends the second amendment which is the purportedly gives people the right to bear arms. Even when assault rifles were completely banned in the U.S., they was allowed again due to the NRA, which changed anti-gun lawmakers to pro-gun lawmakers. The NRA states that, in order to defend oneself against a bad guy with a gun, you need a good guy with a gun.

However, there are more people who will commit serious crimes in the U.S than in places where gun ownership is banned, since guns are able to injure or kill an individual easily compared to using weaponry other than firearms. That leads to high crime rates in countries where guns are allowed. Plus, LED incapacitors, which are also allowed in the U.S., can paralyze a human being’s eye. In addition, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, which are also allowed in the U.S., can deliver severe damage too.

There are also issues which are getting bigger related to gun control. One example is that there are more firearms than people in the U.S and that Americans own 42% of the world’s privately held firearms. In addition, , 95% of gun injuries in the US are due to civilian shootings

Luckily, unlike most states, Massachusetts makes every person ttakes a firearm safety course before going to a gun store. Then you have to go to the police department and submit a reference and also your fingerprint too, as a background check. That means there is still hope to stop gun-related crime in the U.S and also in other countries where gun ownership is allowed. U.S gun control is one issue that is a third-rail in politics, compared to other countries.

All in all, in my perspective, I think we need to break through the NRA and enact gun control in the US, in order to stop the crime and before the death rate increases and the issue gets larger than now.