You’d definitely know about the Antonio Stradivarius, who made arguably the best-known violins in the world. These high-quality violins, knows as vintage or old violins, depending on their age, are known to have a spectacular sound, but this depends on the instrument. Today I would like to share my findings about these violins from my 4 years (of) experience of playing the violin.


Violins were first made in Italy during the 16th century. Violins are divided by age into 3 categories: Modern(1~35) : Vintage(35~99) : Old(100~400) yrs old. The oldest violin maker according to history is Andrea Amati; his violins are called the “Kurtz” and a few are still left. Some even sold on shopping apps like ebay. After Andrea Amati, many started making violins such as Jacob Stainer’s Stainer, made during the late 16th century. After these violins, craftsmen made thousands of instruments. Especially, the Ackermann Lesser or Antonio Stradivarius would be two of the famous violins made after the Stainer.

Broken old violin

The sound of violins usually improves as the age. As the wood gets older, the sound becomes  fuller, making the violins sound spectacular. Because of this improved sound, older violins are usually more expensive than current instruments. However, some old violins are unable to be played.

Violin shop in the US

The first violin in the US was introduced by Spanish missionaries to the Native Americans during the 16th century. The Tarahumara people in the Chihuahua region of Mexico were the first to play the violin in the Americas. The first violins in the US were made by farmers in Kentucky and West Virginia. The first Korean to play the violin was Yeoung Hu Hong also known as Nan Pa Hong. Born in 1897,  in whats is nowadays known as Hwasung city in the Kyeongi province. He attended the Jeongdong church and was able to learn and listen to many Western instruments and music. Also, he is well known for introducing Western music and style to Korea. He also attended the Tokyo Music school to learn many different kinds of instruments.

The violin is an interesting instrument and has an interesting history. Many play the violin as a hobby to relieve their stress, and it is one of the best-known instruments in the world. Even at this very moment people are learning to play the violin.