What if milk chocolate ice cream falls from the sky in the winter and chocolate milk in the summer. I wish that it’ll be the opposite, chocolate ice cream in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. But based on the weather I think that won’t work. So I’m sticking with chocolate milk in the summer and ice cream in the winter.

At first, it’ll be great you won’t have to buy them in the store anymore just leave a bucket outside when it rains or snows and you have a gallon full of them.

This is only the positive side of having chocolate rain or snow.

If chocolate rain or snow keeps coming, plants and animals that live in the wild won’t get the water they need. The animals would always have a skin disease and they would suffer from dehydration. The plants would die because they couldn’t get enough water.

Also not long after, it rains the world would be full of mold. Modes like sweet things and after Chocolate Rain or chocolate snow molds will be swarming. 

As you know milk chocolate is brown. If brown rain or snow falls hard people won’t be able to see. If so, people can’t see through the rain or snow then they could have accidents all over. Even if cars wipe away the rain or snow with the wiper because it’s sticky a part of it will stay like a stain on the window.