I saw CNN 10 today and saw that there could be a space race between the U.S and China. China is beginning to develop by twice the rate of America. And I do think the U.S will not just stay and watch.

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com

A lot of countries have been trying to improve on space missons. The countries that have succeced is keeping that secret. So that no one or country can make a space rocket just like them. Today I will tell you about the race between the U.S and the Soviet Union.

American Flag
Soviet Union Flag

The space race between the soviet union and the U.S.A. began in earnest on August 2, 1955. The United State said that they would start lanching satellite and other objects. And 4 days later, the Soviet Union responded to the speech the United State made.They declared that they would be lanching a satellite in ‘the near future.’ And after that, the space race begun.

Some people thought that the U.S would win. Some thought that the Soviet Union would win.The U.S and the Soviet Union began with animals. Because they didn’t know what would happen, that used animals.For example, they used dogs, chimpanzes,and a lot of other animals.

Laika, The dog that died in the spaceship

However everyone was surprised when the Soviet Union lanched a spaceship with a real live person faster then the United States. Later on,the United States said that they would begin to lanch a spacecraft to the moon. Later on the U.S.A did go to the moon faster than the Soviet Union. However we should see to that it was a win-win. Nobody lost or won.And that was how the Space Race ended.Thank you for reading.

– Sophie Vacker