Birth of Joseon Dynasty: Lee Sung Gei, Founder of Joseon Dynasty

What do you know about Korean history? Are you interested in Korean history? Here’s a series I plan to write about Joseon Dynasty, one of kingdoms used to be before Modern Republic of Korea! In fact, Hangul, Hanbok, Kimchi, Bibimbop and many well-known Korean cultural products are from Joseon Dynasty!

Lee Sung Gei is Taejo(Founder) of Joseon dynasty. He was born in 1335, far northern area of Korea where is now North Korea. He was very brave and smart from the young so soon became a general of Coryo Dynasty (A nation just before Joseon dynasty. “Korea” name came from Coryo dynasty!) The king fo Coryo was not wise enough to be a king so he got scared of Lee Sung Gei as Lee had got political power and military power at the same time. Lee became more and more powerful, even more powerful than the King. Finally the king yielded his crown to Lee and Lee established Joseon Dynasty in 1392. Lee spent 6 years as a King and decided to yield his crown to his 2nd son as he saw that his 7 sons killed each other to become crown prince. What he saw made him in deep sorrow and angry. He left the capital, Hanyang (now we call Seoul) and lived in far-northern Korea. His second son became the second King, Jeongjong.

If you would like to read more about the Joseon Dynasty and want to see who invented Hangul, please wait until I come back with my next article!