What do you think of when you go outside? Mask? Then, why do we wear masks? Because of Covid-19, right? So, today, I will tell you about Covid-19.

Covid-19 is a Pneumonia like the MERS and the SARS. MERS has been prevalent in 2012. and SARS has been prevalent from 2002 to 2003. for 9 months. And they have similar symptoms. And, Covid has the lowest possibility to die when you catch it. Since we now know when MERS and SARS was prevalent in, I will tell you when Covid was born in. It was made in 2019. And it spread to other countries in 2020. In winter, more people catches Covid-19 than summer.

And it has changed our lives a lot. Firstly, it made us to study at home. Even school has online classes. And even when we go to school, it doesn’t really feel like being at school. We can’t talk to each other, can’t touch each other, can’t borrow anything from each other, and some schools have transparent files that stop our spit from spreading. Secondly, We don’t really go to other countries. And usually, We travel in our own country. Now, most people like going some where not crowded such as borrowing a whole house for some days only for your family. Thirdly, now, we don’t go to restaurants to eat, but deliver it to our house. Lastly, we usually don’t go to crowded places such as movie theaters or shopping centers.

People have a lot of opinions about Covid-19. Here are my thoughts. The good things about Covid-19 is that I don’t have to wake up early because I sometimes don’t go to school. Also, it reminds me how much we felt happy when there were no Covid-19. Finally, delivery men and mask designers get an insane amount of money. However, these little advantages are so small compared to these huge disadvantages that a lot of people catch Covid and has to say goodbye to the world. And that it is causing serious economy problems.

In conclusion, Covid causes a lot of problems and it hasn’t ended yet. So we better wash our hands properly and be careful. Nobody wants somebody to catch Covid.