A regiment of the Al Qaeda terrorist movement

Recently, you’d definitely have heard of many conflicts in the middle east. Especially, you’d have definitely heard of the Taliban conquer of Afghanistan. Today, I would like to talk of the psychology of the people from the middle east and about the unstoppable conflicts in the region.

 Taliban armed regiment in Afghanistan (Picture 1)

World Map (Picture 2)

As you can infer from picture 2, the Middle East is simply the connector of 3 continents, Africa, Europe, and Asia. This made it important for many empires in the past to conquer the Middle East. Due to this, the owner of the Middle East changed unstoppably, and new kingdoms would be built again and again. This complicated history of the Middle East makes people of the Middle East have an ideology that everything, literally everything foreign is bad and insignificant. Due to this, unique ideology, TVs and smartphones were lately used in the Middle East. This makes terrorist movements and political movements like the Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Haqqani network, Afghan Peace movement, Islamic United Party of Afghanistan, Civil Democratic Alliance, Communist Party of Iraq, etc easily convince people by justifying & faking themselves as an excellent party or movement by faking to people that they are preventing foreign things, foreign movements, and forces from gobbling up the country. Which is usually a total gossip. One great example of a movement that succeeded by convincing with the way I just told at the previous sentence is the Mujaheddin. The Mujaheddin is a huge movement which is known to fight for Allah(god) but it’s reality is just a bunch of terrorists terrorizing anyone. Plus, since it is simple for movements to convince civilians many movements rise and fall unstoppably, conflict between movements and parties won’t literally try to end in the Middle East!

 The division of the Middle East in to small little groups and tribes

Like I mentioned previously, the Middle East is divided into small tribes, groups, and families, making conflict to be unstoppable. However, fortunately, conflict is getting stable, with Osama Bin Laden and many leaders of terrorist movements like the Al Qaeda or Taliban, being eliminated and democracy being made in the Middle East. Thus, recently, the Taliban took over Afghanistan, even the Wakan Corridor, which is well known for its’ remoteness and it’s dozens and dozens of mountains, except for the Panjhir province which is owned by the remnants of the Republic of Afghanistan. Not only does the Taliban & Al Qaeda terrorize people by many attacks like the 2001 9-11 terror that killed 2996 people and about 6000 injured, but also many terrorist movements, like the ISIS or the Haqqani Network terrorize people by destroying buildings and harming people with almost no reason at all. Due to the conflict, many Middle Easterners runaway to other countries or escape to other countries by passing the border in secret.

Even in this very moment, many suffer due to these violent actions of the terrorist movements. It is important to prevent this conflict, and we should stop this from happening. All in all, it is important for us to know the psychology of the people from the Middle East and about the unstoppable conflicts in the region to know well about the world and what’s going on around the world.