In your perspective, do you think capitalism will fall, or will rise? Today I will talk about capitalism rising and falling.

During the 16 and 17th centuries, when capitalism had just started, there wasn’t communism at all. That made capitalism rise, but then communism started in Russia, which started the Soviet Union. Thus, the Soviet Union collapsed, and China and NK (North Korea) emerged as the leaders of the Communist movement. Thus the alliance between China and North Korea was formed. Now capitalism is on itsway to fall as China tries to claim SK (South Korea) by the Northeast project, which is a project in designed  to claim SK and NK, including the clearing of the Manchurian tribes. This is not the only problem; the CCP aka Chinese Communist Party is trying to destroy HK’s capitalism and is also to compete with capitalist countries such as the U.S. Plus, the company Huawei was founded in order to hack the U.S military and economy info. Unfortunately, Huawei did hack U.S economy and military info as well as the Cisco source code. In the Chinese mainland except for HK, democracy is completely absent due to the


 massacre, and even HK and Taiwan’s democracies are losing their power. This also has happened in all regions of China, NK, and Vietnam. The communism in China rises as Chinese mimic well known companies including Google, Adidas, Puma, KFC, Rolls Royce, and more whichhas led to the rising economic power of the CCP.

In my perspective, I believe that the fall of capitalism is due to life getting harder. The number of intellegient people are increasing, but at the same time,  AI is getting developed. Eventually, the number of jobs will be decreasing, since the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is getting developed and as AI gets further developed.Thus, to survive, you need to outsmart AI. That makes people think it is right for everyone to have the same amount of income since they envy rich people, of whom there are not that many That makes people hate capitalism, due to the capitalist ideology that states that in order to gain wealth you need to work hard, which feels impossible even though there is a bit of chance. Capitalism needs to rise again, or or selse the world will be full of communism and socialism.