Korean tradition series 1: Kimchi

In these days, Korea is getting more getting more famous and popular. Have you heard about Korea’s traditional fermented food, Kimchi? If you are interested in Korea, I will teach you everything about Kimchi.

Kimchi is a traditional dish that cannot go away from Korean dining tables. Kimchi’s history goes back to A.D 1241. ‘Kimchi’ was first written in a book in the Koryo Dynasty. Actually, we’ve been eating Kimchi for more than three thousand years! It’s just written in 1241. Today’s Kimchi is surprisingly red hot spicy. However, Kimchi wasn’t hot spicy for too long. Red pepper came along with Japan in 1592. For most of the time, we ate Kimchi only fermented with salt and vegetables such as cabbages and radish. We usually harvest cabbage in the winter, and we make the amount we eat in the whole year. The only thing to do is to wait for the Kimchi to be fermented. The ingredients and the process of making Kimchi is like below.

First, we have to slice the vegetable into smaller pieces. Secondly, we have to draw the water out with salt. Thirdly, it’s seasoning time! We need such as red pepper, Korean pear, garlic, and paprika. The last step is to wait until the nice bacteria finished fermenting the Kimchi.

Kimchi is an excellent well-being dish for us humans. Here are 7 stunning effects of Kimchi.

  1. Kimchi could prevent asthma and atopic dermatitis. The recent research shows that a person who ate Kimchi more than 40g per day had a lower chance of getting asthma compared to a person who ate Kimchi less than 40g per day. Also, if you eat Kimchi 85~185g per day, you have 32% less chance to get atopic dermatitis than a person who eats Kimchi 0~36g per day.
  2. Kimchi can prevent cancer. In Kimchi, there is chemicals such as capsaicin helps our bodies to fight cancer. Researches show that Kimchi can prevent cancer because the ingredients of it has such as Indol-3-carbinol, Isocyanate from cabbage, Allyl-sulfide from garlic, and capsaicin from red pepper that helps our cells to fight against cancer.  
  3. Kimchi helps digestion with their lactic acid bacteria. Kimchi also can make digestion more fluent. If you eat Kimchi about 300g a day, your large intestine’s lactic acid bacteria rises about 100 times.
  4. Kimchi has only 9~55 kcal per 100 g. So it can help you to not get fat. The internet shows that Kimchis average calory is about 9~55 kcal per 100g. Also the capsaicin helps to resolve fat, and dietary fibers make you feel full.
  5. Kimchi is a divine anti-bacterial dish. It’s because the mighty lactic acid bacteria! It kills only the nasty germs like a heat-seeking-missile. The more it ferments, the more lactic acid bacteria in Kimchi.
  6. Kimchi prevents anemia impressively. according to reasearch, when a man eats Kimchi 300gs per day for four weeks, the number of ferritin that helps our body absorb iron. This means we can defend anemia that we get from low iron in our body by eating Kimchi that is full with ferritin and getting more iron in our veins.
  7. It seems like Kimchi can cleanse toxic materials in our vessels such as triglyceride and lower our blood pressure a lot. Also, Kimchi hels our blood flow smoothly.
Kimchi pancake
Kimchi stew

Now, how do you feel after adventuring the world of Kimchi? Nowadays, Korea is exporting a lot of Kimchi out to the world. So I recommend you to taste it. Also, I recommend to make Kimchi yourself.