Hmmm… What a great question. Pokémon, Pikachu, Charmander, Eevee, all living in one place. Well, it would be wonderful! The Pokémon would help us with our hard work. Pokémon can build houses, read minds, and a lot of other things! People and Pokémon, living in harmony… It might be fun like I said but it could also be horrible. There might be Pokémon poachers! Oh! No! Pokémon might become extinct! To prevent this, there should be a great law like this.↓↓

People who poach Pokémon will be executed! Off with their heads!

If Pokémon and humans live harmoniously like I said, then there would be no problems, but you never know, terrible things might happen!

My opinion: Never trust mewtwo! In mewtwo strikes back, mewtwo is a pokemon who wants to destroy humanity! (But mew is okay.)

even dark type Pokémon can be our friends!(❁´◡`❁)